Travel – Dubrovnik, Croatia, Panorama’s of the Old Town

Dubrovnik old town from the fort  3 pics 658 659 662  crop SH S M C SS M black watermark 30%

A panorama of the old town from the fort side of Dubrovnik.

Click on any of these photographs to view them larger.


Dubrovnik Old town & harbour from the fort Pano SH F crop S M SE black watermark 30% web

Dubrovnik, Croatia a long panorama of the small harbour

between the old town and the fort.


Dubrovnik panorama of  the old town walls F SH M S SE black watermark 30% web

Three canoeists (Sea Kayaks) heading out of the small harbour of Dubrovnik.


P1190754 SH S crop black watermark 30% web

A view of Dubrovnik from the fort.


P1190694 FFF SH S black watermark 30% web

Wandering around old fort is great too.


P1190646 SH M black watermark 30% web

Even if you dont have time to visit the fort a walk up the hill to the old fort is beautiful.


Dubrovnik pano 2 pic 627 628 crop M SH black wateramrk 30% web

I love this image it makes me feel as though I’m really there…


P1190925 crop 8x12 H S black watermark 40% web

What a contrast – a tiny row boat with an enormous luxury

Azamara Cruise ship in the background.


Dubrovnik Old Town's Harbour 111AAA FFF M S SE black watermark 25% web

When you enter the old town to your left is a set of stairs

where you can buy tickets to walk the walls, if you start here

your walk is down hill all the way!!! At the end of the walk you should

end up down at the harbour.

Put this on your bucket list, its well worth doing…


P1090786 sat black watremark 40% web

Yachts in the main harbour.


P1190945 SH S B black watermark 30% web

Keep a lookout for a these great model ships for sale in the harbour.


P1270828 H S black watermark 50% web

A wooden sailing ship that gives tourists a chance to see Dubrovnik from the water.


P1190696 SH M S crop 8x12 black watermark 30% web

Looking down at the turquoise water below…


P1090721 SH F B black watermark 60% web

Sun baking on the rocks.

Dubrovnik the old town from above 1090609-610 F SH M SE S black watermark 40% web

The Old Town from above the main promenade, Stradun or Placa.


P1090795 Blur SH black watermark 40% web

The pedestrian polished Stradun or placa in Dubrovnik, Croatia


P1090669 SH Blur S black watermark 50% web

Big Onofrio built this round drinking fountain in the 1400’s.


dubrovnik the old town from above  P1090636 638 Crop M CB black watermark 40% web

The old town and Lokrum island…


P1090676 SH M black watermark 40% web

We admired this beautiful restaurant while walking the walls of the city.

P1090830 blur SH black watermark 40$ web

Later we found this shady courtyard resturant (above), but didn’t have time to stay.


P1190960 SH C M Blur crop SQ watermark 40% web

Looking through a stone window…


P1200128 SH M S crop SQ wateramrk 40% web

The light at the end of the tunnel…


P1090681 SH S F black watermark 50% web

Even washing looks lovely on a bright sunny day.


P1190933 SH F S black watermark 40% web

Zrinski is a wooden boat that goes to the island of Lokrum.

P1090898 sat blur black watermark 40% web

Splendour of the Seas another Royal Caribbean International

ship off the Coast of Dubrovnik in the Adriatic Sea.

Legend of the Seas Pano Original crop 1 F black watermark 40% web

We visited Dubrovnik while cruising on Legend of the Seas

a Royal Caribbean Internationals ship (RCI).

This panorama of the top deck was taken while the rest

of the ship was asleep at  around 3:30am,

while I was hopeful of spotting an

active Volcano near Sicily.

*   *  *

To be continued…


All Images are Copyright Janette Larobina 2006-2009

Images are available for sale and licensing

and you can use PayPal.

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3 Responses to “Travel – Dubrovnik, Croatia, Panorama’s of the Old Town”

  1. Hi Janette,
    I recently took a similar cruise with my family but forgot to take a picture at night of the 9th deck *pool side. Would it be possible for you to share this (last photo in the night) with me so I can use it in a photobook I’m making for my family?

  2. Your photos are wonderful! Very pfofessional too.

  3. I did a similar cruise in 2010, these pictures brought me back to it. Yes, Dubrovnik is so charming and beautiful…one of a kind

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