Travel – Ephesus and Kusadasi, Turkey

Ephesus & Splendor of the SeasPanorama1 FM SE  black WM 50% web

Splendour of the Seas in the harbour of Kusadasi,

Turkey. This is a great place to explore the ancient ruins

of the library and Greko Roman theatre of

Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary.

*   *   *

P1090938 BP SH SS pen darker black TXT  WM 40% web

Travel Tip: Go early in the morning before it gets

too hot  and crowded.  Choose a tour

that drops you off up above the ruins

so you can meander down through them and

back to the shady markets where all the tour buses park.

*   *   *

Ephesus  Turkey Panorama111AAA F crop SH C B crop BB Black & White W 35% web

Some of the ruins of Ephesus in black and white.

*   *   *

P1090938 BP SH SS Sepia SS 222  black WM 50% web

Some well preserved ruins in Turkey (in Sepia)

*   *   *

P1090958 F B Sepia black WM 40% web

The statue of Nike in Sepia at Ephesus.

*   *   *

P1090962 MBP SH black WM 40% web

The Sea of people flowing down through the ruins

of the colonnaded Arcadian way.

We were really surprised to find such crowds,

it reminds me of summer in Venice…

*   *   *

P1090963 BP SH SS black WM 40% web

Celsus library at Ephesus Kusadasi, Turkey.

*   *   *

P1090972 SH F SS B&W black WM 40% web

Repairs of one of the ruins…

*   *   *P1090953 SH F crop 222 SS B Black & White black WM 50% web

A stone carving in black & white

*   *   *

P1090978 SH SS black WM 40% web

A carved archway at Ephesus.

*   *   *

P1090976 SS Sepia black WM

Beautiful and intricate mosaics in Sepia at Epheus on the Aegean Coast.

*   *   *

P1090981 overlay black WM 40% web

Celsus library at the bottom of the colonnaded Arcadian way, Ephesus, Turkey.

*   *   *

P1090999 O BP black WM 40% web

A close up of the library of Celsus, Turkey.

*   *   *

P1090984 B black WM 40% web

It was astounding to see public toilets that

have been built from stone

way back in the Greko – Roman period.

*   *   *

P1100024 C B black WM 40% web

What an amazingly cool cat, to sit happily amongst all

these tourists. Our Australian cats are such

shy creatures in comparison.

*   *   *

P1100035 SH F BP Desat black & white black WM 40% web

The Theatre / Arena at Ephesus in a semi desaturated

Black & White.

*   *   *

P1100063 WC PE 15  black WM 40% web

This photograph was taken from the highest steps of the

theatre – it give you a great perspective…I have added

a digital effect to this photo, to see it just click on the image.

*   *   *

P1100095 BP SH black WM 40% web

Some of the magnificent hand made silk rugs for sale in Turkey…

*   *   *

P1100129 SH black WM 40% web

This machine shows how the silk is un ravelled from the

cocoon of the humble silk worm to be transformed

into works of art.

*   *   *

P1100149 SH S C BP black WM 40% web

A street scene towards evening in Kusadasi, I wish we

could have stayed longer here. The locals have

excellent english so they can joke around and

have fun with you while battering…

Turkey was also deserves a special mention

as one of the cleanest

and most welcoming country’s.

*   *   *

P1100152 sat C black WM 35% web

Colourful lanterns in Kusadasi.

*   *   *

P1100157 SH black WM 35% web

A colourful indoor/outdoor restaurant.

*   *   *

P1100168 SH S BP B&W & C 222 black WM black & white & colour

A fisherman in Kusadasi’s harbour

in black & white & colour.

*   *   *

P1100173 SH F B&W & colour 222 BP black WM 40% web

I’m guessing this fisherman is unhooking his boat from

the rear morning so he can go fishing at sunset.

*   *   *

P1100177 SH F black WM 40% web

Back to the mother ship (excuse the pun)

Splendour of the Seas a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship.

*   *   *

P1100197 SH SS C WC WC WC black WM 40% web

This blue tug boat has a water colour effect on it

(to see the effect click on the image).

*   *   *

Kusadasi Orient Queen 111AAAPanorama1F SH SS S black WM 40% web

The Orient Queen cruise ship leaving Kusadasi.

*   *   *

P1100213 sat crop black WM 50% web

Bird Island in Kusadasi harbour Turkey at sunset as we leave….

*   *   *

P1100229 csat RP black WM 40% web

A long exposure shot of a ship at night with some digital art.

*   *   *

P1100231 sat O black WM 50% web

Another long exposure shot of Kusadasi harbour at night.

*   *   *

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One Response to “Travel – Ephesus and Kusadasi, Turkey”

  1. Great photos you have taken Bruce and I really enjoyed looking at them they bought back many memories. Safe trip home. We are still in Patong DENTIST TIME HAS COME.

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