Travel – Mandurah Crabs – Blue Swimmer or Blue Manna Crabs


Mandurah, Western Australia is home to Blue Swimmer

Crab’s and mussels.

All of the blue male and grey/brown female crabs turn red when cooked,

this one above is cooking on the BBQ.

The most common way to cook them is boiling them in fresh

water or in the fresh sea water that they were caught in.

We cook our crabs for 6 min’s from the time the water comes

back to the boil, and the flesh is sweet and firm, but we go to the trouble

of looking after our catch by keeping them in plenty of fresh sea water

and covering them with a wet towel the to keep the direct sun off them

and if possible they are put in a shady area on the boat.

The other school of thought is to boil them for 10 min’s,

but why not try both methods

to see which you prefer.

*     *     *


A few photoshop effects have been added to the two photo’s above

to give them a poster like appearance – to be able to view the effect

better click on the photograph.

*     *     *


These are freshly caught Mandurah Blue Swimmer Crabs (Portunis Pelagicus).

*     *     *


A close up of the claws of some live Mandurah crabs…

Mandurah is so famous for its crabs that it has an annual

Crab Festival in March every year. Also Australia’s second largest boat show is held in

October at the Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club (M.O.F.S.C.)

each year and is definatley worth a visit.

*     *     *


The crabs in the catch bucket grab onto each other.

*     *     *


The blue swimmer crabs are also called “Blue Manna Crabs”.

This crab has been caught in the Peel Inlet (or Mandurah Estuary).

*     *     *

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