Travel – Cinque Terre, Italy

These are two sojourn’s of Cinque Terre, mainly photographed from Riomaggiore and Vernazza.

We hiked four of the five villages this day, beginning in Riomaggiore and heading north to Manarola followed by Corniglia for lunch then on to Vernazza. The first part of the hike from Riomaggiore to Manarloa is quite easy. The picture above in the middle of the bottom row shows the nice wide paved HORIZONTAL path nicely hugging the hillside.

* * * * * * *

Hiking Cinque Terre - The tunnel of love between Riomaggiore & Manarola

This is the “Tunnel of Love” before you reach Manarola.

Soon after leaving Manarloa the path becomes a rocky trail. But we still had a blast,  the scenery is amazing and weaving your way between the olive groves and admiring the private gardens along the way is any permaculture fans idea of heaven.

As it was raining and the wind just kept getting stronger so we decided to call it a day for the hiking and explore Vernazza. Its a beautiful little village with many shops to explore and some of the best gelato we had in all of Italy.

Due to the wild weather we  just stood still, mesmerised by the angry Mediterranean sea smashing over the sea wall. We were glad that we had started our hike early because the weather had steadily deteriorated all day. We made plans to come back and continue the trail the next day.

Catching the train back to Vernazza we overheard a tour guide telling her flock that a young couple had been swept into the sea this day and the trail would probably be closed tomorrow. Sadly she was correct, the trail was closed the following day because the young woman we had heard about had died, and her husband had been thrown back on the rocks. I was so sad, especially for her family, we know how much it hurts to lose a wonderful young person in a tragic accident. We found out later the young wife was Sarah Scherer from Ohio. Our love and deepest sympathy goes to her husband Chris and all her loved ones.

The following day we watched a helicopter go back and forth, and I thought of Sarah and our hearts became heaver and I cried again, that could have easily been us. My husband also a Chris had gone down a set of concrete steps to take some photo’s of the waves and I ran after him and asked him to leave the camera behind with me, there was no way I was going down there today. When he came back he had been hit by a wave and was soaked through from head to toe. Just as well I had the camera!

* * * * * *

Water front restaurant in Vernassa, Italy

*  *  *  *  *

We spent four nights staying in Riomaggiore so we could hike the five villages, but due to bad weather we only got to hike from Riomaggiore to Manarola, Corniglia and Vernazza.

We caught the train the the northern most village Monterosso al Mare on our last day so we could explore it. It had nice sandy beaches to enjoy.

This is the staircase leading down to the beach at Riomaggiore.

This is a poster of people enjoying the beach. Being an Australian I had never seen a rocky beach before. It made the visibility into the water quite amazing.

Here’s a seagull sunning himself.

This local duck was basking in the last of the evening light.

*    *    *    *    *


The beach at Riomaggiore on a perfect day.



Looking up at Riomaggiore from the path to the beach.



A family setting off on a boat trip in a blue and white row boat.



Looking down at the Riomaggiore’s train station and

the beginning or the end of  the walk trail depending on

where you started hiking. We chose Riomaggiore as

our starting point and as to nice place to stay.

Travel Tip:

We used Trenitalia’s website to book all of

our train tickets at home in Australia a few weeks

before we left for Italy. I’m so glad we did because

it avoided all the long ques at the railway stations

lugging our back packs & suitcases, especially when

suffering from jet lag and a lack of sleep!

Don’t do this:

Because all the direct flights to Venice

were sold out, we had to fly into Milan and take the

long train journey to venice immediately after landing

from a 19 hour flight plus a few hours in airports,

instead of just landing in Venice! We thought it

would be a lot more fun to wake up in Venice

the next morning instead of waking up in Milan

and waisting the morning still traveling to

Venice. Yes we got got there quicker

but we felt like a train wreck!!!

After a few days in Venice we

took the train to Riomaggiore via Genoa.



The beautiful blue wooden boats of Cinque Terre

had been taken up out of Riomaggiore’s small harbour

to the safety of dry land because some rough

weather was coming.



A couple enjoying watching the sun set over the Mediterranean

perched a large rock at Riomaggiore.

There’s a nice selection of local wines and cheese for sale in the shops

in the main street, so grab your self a bottle and head for the sunset!



Sunset at Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Italy.

*    *    *    *    *

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