Travel – The Old Mandurah Bridge, Western Australia

Manjar Bay and the Old Mandurah Bridge, Western Australia

Looking back at the bridge…


We were riding along the foreshore after the stretch Festival 2008

when I took this panorama photograph of

some people fishing under the old Mandurah bridge at dusk…

*   *   *

bridge-auto-pano-111aaa-crop-sh-c-rn-sat-sepia-white-watermark-web-50This is the same photo using sepia tones.

*   *   *

Shadow in the water under old Mandurah Bridge Western Australia

Just a shadow on the water that I thought was interesting.

* * * * * * *

Under the Old Mandurah Bridge, Western australia

I took this photograph under the bridge because it brings back many happy memories of hot summer nights in Mandurah.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Cicerellos & Dome Panorama111a  FFFFF2SL40 darker  crop 22x9 black watermerk 40% 222

We were lucky enough to be on the water this glorious winters

day when I captured this panorama of the Dome Cafe and

Cicerellos from Manjar Bay. (It’s 22″x9″/56cm x23cm)

P1190023 OMNI lighting efect F black watermark 50% web

P1190178 white F2 SE watermark 50% web

P1130028 F SH C S SE F 222 black wateramrk 40% web

Hans’s Cafe, Mandurah

P1190084 sat black watermark 50% web

Hans’s Cafe, long exposure night shot

P1130031 SH C S SE crop 12x8 black watermark 40% web

Simmo’s Ice cream, Mandurah

P1130023 dome crop 12x8 SH SL35 S SE black watermark 40% web

The Dome Cafe, Mandurah

Jump on the train from Perth and spend a lovely day exploring…

P1130041 SH S C in Pano black watermark 40% web

Mandurah’s War Memorial

P1180889 sharp 200 straight Hue -12 soft SEPIA  SE black watermark 50% web

The big old ficus tree at the Old Peninsular Hotel site

Stingray Point, Mandurah in Sepia

P1100754 B&W B black wateramrk 50% web

Walking under the old Mandurah Bridge

*    *    *

All Images are Copyright Janette Larobina 2006-2009

Images are available for sale and licensing.

An 12″x 8″ enlargement is $25US or $30AUD

Plus postage and you can use PayPal.

For more information email me at

All Rights Reserved.

2 Responses to “Travel – The Old Mandurah Bridge, Western Australia”

  1. Dear Janette,

    Hello. I would like to know the cost of the photos and can they be sent by jpeg?
    I need three photos, one of each of the following to promote the sale of my fathers block of land near the Dawsville cut.
    I am thinking of the images of pelicans, water and the karri forrest.
    I have an company here who can put the piece together and give it to the agent.
    I look forward to your costings.


  2. all posted pictures are really classy and beautiful , Australia comes to as heaven for travelers

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