Travel – Snorkeling with Seals (Australian Fur Seals) in Western Australia

No sooner had we anchored the boat and this lovely

young fur seal came to pay us a visit.

*   *   *

Then the race was on to get our snorkeling gear

on and get into the water while our young

Australian Fur Seal visitor was keen to play…

*   *   *

This fur seal was showing off  his speed and agility…

*   *   *

Here he is asking for a belly rub, they remind me so

much of our old pet Labrador…

*   *   *

I’m too sexy for my fur and I know it!!!

*   *   *

Well come on, let’s play some more :o)

*   *   *

A close up of a young fur seals face and whiskers while

Snorkeling with Australian Fur Seals, in Western Australia.

He was checking out our new little underwater camera

the  Panasonic TF3…

*   *   *

This young seal was posing to have his photo taken.

*   *   *

This baby fur seal sleeps of his fish dinner.

Speaking of fish dinners, these cute little guy’s have


*   *   *

A kiss good buy from our new friend…

Until next time mate :o)

*   *   *

All Images are Copyright Janette Larobina 2012

Images are available for sale and licensing.

An 12″ x 8″ enlargement is $25 AU

or $20AU  each for orders of 10 or more

plus postage and you can use PayPal.

Photographs are printed on high quality

photography paper.

For more information email me at

All Rights Reserved.


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