Travel – Rome part 1

P1170241 SH F SS SE crop 20x10 BWM 40% web

Circus Maximus in Rome.

Coleseum C Pano 1 FFF SH M SS black WM 30% web

A large panorama of the Colosseum in Rome.

(click on the image to see the detail)

P1170248 SH SL SS SE crop black WM 70% web

The Colosseum from the street curb at dusk.

* * *

P1170273 SH S SE pastel BWM  40% web

The Colosseum at night with a pastel effect.

* * *

P1170281 SH SS BWM 50% web

The Colosseum at night was just magical…

* * *

P1170288 SH S SE BWM50% web

* * *

P1170300 12x8 200 BWM 40% web

The Colosseum at night bathed in yellow light…

* * *

P1170302 SH M S SE BWM  40% web

The arch of triumph at night.

* * *

P1170309 SHS SE BWM 50% web

A policeman on points duty directing traffic at night.

* * *

P1170314 SL M 12 x8 BWM 50% web

A trail of movement from a policeman’s white gloves

while directing traffic in Rome at night.

* * *

P1170304 SL SL SL M BWM 50% web

* * *

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