Travel – Narni and Terni, Umbria, Italy…

Narni Panorama111AAA SH S SS M poster TXT black WM 40% web

A peaceful panorama of the medieval village

of Narni, in the late afternoon…

with a poster effect applied to it.

(Click on any image to view it larger)

*   *   *

Narni Panorama111AAA SH S SS M black WM 40% web

The panorama photograph of the old town Narni

*   *   *

Narni Castel Panorama111BBB SH SS black WM 40% web

*   *   *

Narni Castel Panorama 222 BBB SH SS black WM 30% web

A turret of Cardinal Albornoz’s Castle in Narni, Umbria, Italy,

built in the 14th century.

Made famous in 2008 as the Narnia Castle in

the movie by Walt Disney and Waldons media

Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian.

unfortunately we arrived just as the castle was closing

for the day, so we only managed a quick run around

before the doors of the fortress were closed.

*   *   *

P1130966 crop 12x8 SH S SS black WM 50% web

A stone carving inside the castello De Narni.

*   *   *

P1130981 SH SS B People black WM 40% web

The stone well inside the castle.

*   *   *

P1130935 SH S B SS black WM 40% web

Looking up at the Il Rocco Castle in Narni, Umbria, Italy.

*   *   *

P1130948 SH S SL SS black WM 50% web

*   *   *

P1130889 SH C B SS SL black WM 50% web

A cottage or maybe a mill house near Marmore Waterfall Terni, Umbria.

*   *   *

P1130856 SH S SS black WM 40% web

Marmore Waterfall was made by diverting a river in

Roman times to improve the health of the town by getting

swampy water to flow into the river Nera.

This made in possible in more modern times to

generate Hydroelectric power for the industries in Terni.

*   *   *

P1130874  sat SS black WM 60% web

These waterfalls are only about 7 kilometres from

Terni, Umbria, Italy…

*   *   *

P1130872 sat 2 SS black WM 80% web

*   *   *

P1130713 SH S SS black WM 50% web

The cave of St. Francis, Umbria, Italy – built into the side of

Mt. Subasio in the Apennine mountains, central Italy.

*   *   *

St Francis Cave Panorama111FFF SH SS S black WM 40% web

A panorama photo of The chapel at

the cave of St. Francis of Assissi.

*   *   *

P1130811 SH SS SE S black WM 50% web

A beautiful pot of flowers in the courtyard of the chapel of

the cave of St. Francis, Umbria, Italy.

*   *   *

P1130824 SH SQ crop black WM 50% web

A nativity at the cave of St. Francis, Sabasio mountain, Italy.

*   *   *

P1130785 SH SH black WM 50% web

Inside the cave of Saint Francis of Assissi.

*   *   *

P1130730 black WM 50% web

These are the rocks that became St. Francis’s bed.

*   *   *

P1140017 str C ss crop 8x12 222 black 50% web

A sign welcoming you to Narni.

Visiting the City of Narni was wonderful

it was like going back to medieval times…

Narni is said to be the “middle of Italy”, it’s roughly

80km from Rome…

* * *

P1140014 straight SH S SS black WM 40% web

The old city of Narni – an Umbrian hill town.

* * *

P1140018 SH S SS B crop 8x12 B WM 40% web

Walking the streets of Narni, Umbria.

* * *

P1140025 crop 8x12 SH S B WM 40% web

Beautiful painted windows and arches of a church that

looks like is was built in the middle ages

in Narni, Umbria, Italy

* * *

P1140032 SH S SS FFF crop 12x8 B WM 40% web

A very old game played in the streets of Narni with

“clay balls” in stone vessels.

* * *

P1140033 SH S SS BP B WM 40% web

A Labrador / Retriever  and his master watching the people go by

on the cobbled streets of Narni.

* * *

P1140061 SH M SS SE Black & white B WM 50% web

A narrow cobbled stoned street in beautiful Narni

in black and white.

* * *

P1140067 SH S SS crop 8x12 B WM 40% web

An old clock tower in Narni.

* * *

P1140072 SH SS B WM 40% web

Stone carvings and columns make a beautiful window

for this church in Narni.

* * *

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One Response to “Travel – Narni and Terni, Umbria, Italy…”

  1. Hi Janette. Love the Blog – especially the pic of Narnia at the top of the page. Looks like an early morning shot. I;m going to Umbria in late August/September. Do you have any recommendations of places I should go to take photos? Let me know. thanks. Tom

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