Travel – Castle in Sarzana, La Spezia, Italy

One day when the weather was awful we decided to catch the train from Riomaggorie, (where we were staying at La Dolce Vita), through the hill south to La Spezia, then across to Sarzana because someone had told us about this castle. When we arrived and asked for directions they asked “which castle? there are two” once we got our map we easily found the first one, but due to the rain we decided against walking up the big hill behind the town to explore the other castle.

This messy photo shows how big the moat was.

The sign says that this Castle is the “La Cittadella” and was constructed by Lorenzo of Medici between 1487 and 1491.

On top of the hill is the other Castle.

We loved the cobbled streets.

The whole town was really lovely with great cafes and a nice bakery.

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