Travel – Sydney Harbour and the Opera House Panorama’s & night photo’s

The Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House

from the decks of  Dawn Princess.

(Please click on the panorama photo’s

to enlarge before viewing…)

Dawn Princess after coming out of Darling Harbour and

under the Sydney Harbour Bridge… I think we all held our

breath waiting to see if she really could squeeze under.

A panorama of Rhapsody of the Sea’s in Circular Quay…

This is a panorama of Dawn Princess at the OPT

(Overseas Passenger Terminal)

surrounded by yellow Sydney Ferries.

The ship reminds me of a mother duck,

and the little ferries look like her ducklings…

On a more serious note Sydney Ferries have

been operating in the harbour for since 1861,

that’s 149 yrs if I’ve done my sum’s right.

Darling Harbour panorama, Sydney Australia…

The beautiful South Steyne floating restaurant in

Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour is well worth a look…

WildLife World & Aquarium Darling Harbour, Sydney…

Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody of the Seas in Circular Quay…

This is an awesome location, you can see the

main ferry terminal just in front and the famous

Rock’s area behind Rhapsody.  The only downside is

that you don’t get to go under the Sydney Harbour bridge

unless your ship is birthing in Darling Harbour…

This is a black and white reflection of

the Dawn Princess at wharf 8, Darling Harbour…

Doyle’s Restaurant in Watson’s Bay is a lovely destination

to head to on the Ferry from Circular Quay.

Here is a panorama of Watson’s Bay with Doyle’s restaurant

on the left. After having fish ‘n chips for lunch we walked

up the path to visit Sydney’s infamous “GAP”.

“The Gap” is an ocean cliff in Eastern Sydney that gives you

excellent views of the ocean and views of back over

Sydney harbour too. The day we were there we were

lucky enough to watch one whale jumping

and  two that just waved their tales.

The rocks at the bottom of the gap…

A panorama of Watson’s Bay…

If I only had time for one ferry trip on Sydney Harbour,

I think I would choose the ferry to Watson’s Bay

and walk up to the gap…

Especially if its whale season!!!

The Opera house from the Watson’s Bay ferry.

Pulling out of Darling Harbour to go under

the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sailing under the Sydney harbour Bridge at night …priceless

Live music out on the deck of Dawn Princess for

the sail away from Sydney to Hobart.

I got a real buzz out of driving over the “coat hanger”.

This has been on my bucket list for a long time…

Enjoying Sydney Harbour with the birds eye view

of a cruise ship.

As pretty as it was, my tummy was full of butterflies

because we were heading for that

infamous stretch of water between Sydney and Hobart!!!

To be continued…

*   *   *   *   *

All Images are Copyright Janette Larobina 2006-2009

Images are available for sale and licensing.

For more information email me at

All Rights Reserved.

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