Rome, Itlay part 3

The view looking down over Rome from Palatine Hill.

* * *

A portrait of the Colosseum in Rome…

* * *

A cross section of the Colosseum and a disappointed crowd

after the Colosseum was closed early because of the free

concert  by Billy Joel and Bryan Adams in  August 2006.

We were only in Rome for 2 days and this was our last day

and we had saved the best till last

–  the Inside of the Colosseum.

We were shocked to be locked out event though we had

only purchased our tickets an hour before being

refused entry – Not happy Jan!!!

However the highlight of our walk around Palatine Hill,

was the sound of  Billy Joel & Bryan Adams  rehearsing.

Unfortunately we were unable to stay for the concert –

the City of Rome were expecting a crowd of 400,000

to turn out.

Looking inside the Colosseum…

* * *

Peeking through the arch of the Colosseum…

* * *

On the left you can see the stage where Billy Joel

and Bryan Adams held their concert

– right next to the Colosseum,

what a stunning location!

* * *

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