Rome, Italy Part 2…

P1170009 SH SS SE BWM 40% web

A bronze statue of an angel pointing at Rome,

bathed in evening light

it reminds me of the Da Vinci Code…

* * *

P1170002 sat sharp BWM 50% web

A stone carving of a winged lion over looking Roma, Italia.

* * *

P117007 SH S SS BP FFF BWM 40% web

The Vittorio Emanuele II Monument under renovations

in the heart of Rome. We could see the back of this

spectacular white marble building from Palatino hill.

* * *

P117019109 B&W BP SS C 8x12 BWM 40% web

A horse and cart in between the small Macuteo Obelisk

from the time of Ramses II and the

pantheon, Rome in black and white.

* * *

P1170113 sat BP BWM  40% web

The magnificent façade of the Pantheon.

* * *

P1170120 SS Sepia BWM 40% web

Close up detail of a Bernini sculpture with the Pantheon

in the background – in sepia.

* * *

P1170084 SS B&W BWM 40% web

The Oculus in the roof of the Pantheon, Rome.

* * *

P1170210 moods TXT  50% mood BWM  40% web

* * *

P1170217 BP SS S BWM 40% web

Castel Saint Angelo in Rome, Itlay.

* * *

P1250932 BWM 50% web

Castle Saint Angelo from the bridge at night.

* * *

P1170226 M SS S BWM 40% web

The colonnaded road to the Vaticano, Rome.

* * *

P1250892 BWM 40% web

A spectacular pink sunset over the Vatican…

* * *

P1250955 BWM 40% web

The chairs set out ready for mass at the Vatican.

* * *

P1250944 S SS BWM 40% web

The human side of Rome – a homeless person

sleeping under a bridge, next to the Tiber  river.

* * *

P1170213 Motionl blur BWM 40% web

A beggar on the bridge.

* * *

P1170189 sat sharp  crop BWM

Roasted Chestnuts cooking on the street, smell so nice…

* * *

P1200585 S SS BWM 40% web

An early morning rower on the Tibre river.

* * *

P1200872 Crop 12x8 BWM 40% web

Plastic drink bottles polluting the Tiber River in Rome.

* * *

P1200409 S Bugger crop BWM 40% web

Bugger – Someone’s push bike has been run over by a car!!!

* * *

P1280323 SS S BWM 40% web

The view from our window at the B & B Bologna,

in Piazza Bologna in Rome.

We have stayed here twice and enjoyed Aldo

and his lovely family’s hospitality very much.

We were in search of budget accommodation a

few years ago and  found them on trip advisor…

* * *

P1200443 SS BP transformed 12x8 BWM 40% web

The Spanish Steps in Rome are  a great place to sit,

eat  authentic gelato and watch the people go by…

* * *

P1200477 crop BP 8x12 BWM 40% web

While we where at the Spanish Steps a bride and groom

came along to have some photo’s taken alongside

the fountain at the bottom of the steps.

* * *

P1200608 crop BWM 40% web

A Bernini sculpture of a man fighting an octopus

in Piazza Narvona, Rome, Italy.

* * *

Frame 8x12  woman Narvona 40% web

A close up of part of the Bernini Fountain in Piazza Navona, Rome.

* * *

P1170030 SH C SE BWM 50% web

The Trevi Fountain at night.

* * *

P1170033 BP black & white BWM 50% web

Until late at night there are still crowds of people

throwing coins into the

Trevi Fountain in the hope that it will

bring them back to Rome …

* * *

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One Response to “Rome, Italy Part 2…”

  1. You have some fantastic photos of Rome here. They are beautiful. I’ve tried to do my best with my photo skills on the free city guide my wife and I have written after just returning from Rome…

    Free Rome City Guide

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