Panorama of Dome Cafe and Cicerello’s – Mandurah

Cicerellos & Dome Panorama111a  FFFFF2SL40 darker  crop 22x9 black watermerk 40% 222

We were lucky enough to be on the water this glorious winters

day when I captured this panorama of the Dome Cafe and

Cicerellos from Manjar Bay. (It’s 22″x9″/56cm x23cm)

P1190023 OMNI lighting efect F black watermark 50% web

P1190178 white F2 SE watermark 50% web

P1130028 F SH C S SE F 222 black wateramrk 40% web

Hans’s Cafe, Mandurah

P1190084 sat black watermark 50% web

Hans’s Cafe, long exposure night shot

P1130031 SH C S SE crop 12x8 black watermark 40% web

Simmo’s Ice cream, Mandurah

P1130023 dome crop 12x8 SH SL35 S SE black watermark 40% web

The Dome Cafe, Mandurah

Jump on the train from Perth and spend a lovely day exploring…

P1130041 SH S C in Pano black watermark 40% web

Mandurah’s War Memorial

P1180889 sharp 200 straight Hue -12 soft SEPIA  SE black watermark 50% web

The big old ficus tree at the Old Peninsular Hotel site

Stingray Point, Mandurah in Sepia

P1100754 B&W B black wateramrk 50% web

Walking under the old Mandurah Bridge

*    *    *

All Images are Copyright Janette Larobina 2006-2009

Images are available for sale and licensing.

An 12″x 8″ enlargement is $25US or $30AUD

Plus postage and you can use PayPal.

For more information email me at

All Rights Reserved.


~ by laro1 on May 30, 2009.

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