The Old Settlement, Rottnest Island, Western Australia

This is one of the original old houses at the Old Settlement in Thompsons Bay on Rottnest Island.

This is the main lighthouse on Rottnest Island you usually come across it when you ride around the Island on a push bike.

This is a photo of the Basin with the Bathurst lighthouse and the city of Perth in the background.

Old door and wildflowers on out building behind a Rottnest Cottage, with a poster effect.

Silhouette of Bathurst lighthouse at sunset in sepia.

A quokka at Sunset in Geordie Bay.

The jetty in Geordie Bay at dawn.

This stingray was just gliding around in the crystal clear water in Geordie Bay.

A pelican at dawn in Gerodie Bay.

A Tern at bath time.

*    *    *    *    *

Sunrise at Rottnest Island, Western Australia

These photo’s were taken the morning after the M.O.F.S.C’s Rotto Convoy 2008

Sunrise - Thompsons Bay, Rottnest Island, Western Australia

*   *   *

Standing in the shadow of the Lighthouse I took 8 photographs to create this panorama.

Enjoying nothing but the sound of the waves

the gives you a wonderful sense of tranquility.

It was a beautiful way to end a full day of bike riding and snorkeling.

*   *   *

All Images are Copyright Janette Larobina 2008

Images are available for sale and licensing.

A 12″ x 8″ enlargement is $25AU  or

only $20 each for 10 or  more

plus Postage and you can use PayPal.

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